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Commercial Insurance

A restaurant that need a coverage from a commercial building insuanceCommercial Insurance protects against financial losses caused by unexpected damages to buildings, facilities and their contents. The insurance will cover a property that is on construction, installation, renovation or repair. Commercial insurance can be purchased by the contractor or the owner of the project. At Farmer Brown Insurance you will get personalized insurance for your specific need.



Here is a list of some of the Commercial Insurance we provide.

  • Commercial Building Insurance
  • Condo Association
  • Grocery Store Insurance
  • Manufactures Insurance
  • Restaurant Liability Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Technology Insurance
  • Vacant Building Insurance
  • Wholesaler Insurance




As a contractor, you may experience loss related to your property for various reasons. Below are examples of the insurance coverage you can get and what they cover:

Commercial Property Insurance Policy

Will cover the loss that occurs on the contractor’s premises including the building and personal property.

Commercial Property Insurance Policy with Extra Expense or Business Income Coverage

In the event that you no longer have the building or contents, this insurance is for the loss of income or increased expense due to damages or loss of the building and its contents.

Commercial Crime Policy with Employee Theft and Dishonesty Coverage

This insurance protects against loss due to employee theft and security breech.

Equipment Breakdown Policy

Insurance for damages to the building in the event that a contractors’ equipment malfunctions or explodes. It also insures the loss of income or increase of expenses due to damages or loss of the building and its contents.

Builder’s Risk and Installation Floater Policy

Insures physical damage to property that is being built, renovated or repaired. It will also insure loss of income or the increase of expenses due to damages or loss of the building and its contents.

Contractors Equipment Coverage

Insures the damage caused to equipment used in construction.

As you can see, there is a variety of Commercial Insurance policies to make sure you are protected from financial loss. If you are unsure which insurance policy is right for you, fill out the quote form and we will advise you on the best insurance plan for your specific need.

Contractors Insurance

You need to have a coverage for all your employees with a roofing contractor insuranceContractors Liability Insurance protects you against financial loss due to injury or damages to a client or third party. If you are held liable for someone’s injury or damage, you can end up paying thousands of dollars. Contractors Insurance will cover the cost of these damages and pay for your legal defense costs and fees.



With Contractors Liability you are insured for:

  • Bodily injury to a person at your business or on the work site.
  • Property damage to the place under construction.
  • Personal Injury to a person’s image or reputation.
  • Advertising injury to a person’s image or reputation due to your advertising.
  • Medical expenses of a third party’s injury at your business or the work site.

We offer a wide range of policies that include general liability insurance, extensive liability insurance, and contractors all risk insurance.

If you are a contractor, you need to make sure you get General Contractors Insurance as you will not be covered by any employment laws. Although it is not required in all states, some of your clients, or property managers will ask to see proof of insurance before you start your project.

There is different coverages and each policy will cover specific situations and people:

  • Drywall Contractors Insurance
  • Electrical Contractors Insurance
  • Painting Contractors Insurance
  • Plumbing Contractors Insurance
  • Roofing Contractors Insurance

If you are a contractor or project manager that has 5 or more employed contractors, you are required to have Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
This is a requirement for all states with the exception of Texas.

Surety Bonds

suretybondsSurety bonds are an agreement between 3 parties: the Surety, the Obligee, and the Principal.

The surety promises the obligee that the principal will perform all obligations in the contract between the principal and the obligee. For example, in a construction setting, the surety assures that a contractor (the principal) will complete a project within a budget outlined in the contract. If the contractor fails to fulfill his obligation to stay in the budget, the surety must look at the situation and cover the cost on the contractor’s behalf.


The types of surety bonds include:

  • Bid Bonds
  • License & Permit Bonds
  • Payment & Performance Bonds

What is the Cost of Insurance?

The cost of insurance varies significantly from case to case, and there is no set price due to the nature of the industry and the individual state laws surrounding insurance. The best way to find out what insurance will cost you and your business is to get an insurance quote. You can shop around between different insurance carriers or you can trust Farmer Brown insurance to do the shopping for you. It is quick and easy! Once you fill out the quote form, we will respond to your request within 24 hours with the best rates and policies for your specific needs and budget.

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