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Plumber’s Insurance – What Can Go Wrong?

Why is it important to have plumbers insurenceDid you just start a plumbing business? You are a smart person. Your business will allow people to have one of the most valuable, and the most taken for granted, resource on earth, clean water. This provides families access to healthy and comfortable lives. Your work will always be needed not only in family homes, but also in every single building across the modern world.

Having this in mind, you should make sure to protect your business against accidents or eventualities that might jeopardize your success. Here at we have what you need, when you need it.

General Liability Insurance is a type of coverage that will help you protect your business from many unexpected events. It’s a comprehensive commercial insurance that gives your business protection against:


As part of the coverage package, you are protected from third party injuries on your business grounds. Let’s say you’re mopping your office up and a client comes in for a quote. You forgot to put the “caution wet floor” sign up, and he slips and falls. You’re covered for his fall and any medical cost that might arise, up to the agreed amount. This also covers you if you accidentally injure someone while on the client’s property. For example, an employee has left a tool on the ground and this caused the owner or someone walking through to fall and hurt themselves. You are covered the for this and any medical cost that might arise, up to the agreed upon amount.


Imagine you’re almost done with the project; you test the lines everything seems to be working fine. Two weeks down the road, you get a call from the angry home owner telling you that a pipe burst and it’s caused property loss and some personal items has also been damaged, he’s threatening to sue. This could cause you to go out of business… It could cause you to lose everything… Luckily for you; you purchased plumbers insurance right before that job so, property loss? Covered, customer personal property? Legal expenses that might arise? Covered. What could’ve put you out of business once before, is now just a speed bump, you can just keep on driving.


Covers you in case your marketing strategies cause a negative effect, on rival/other businesses. For example, you want to start marketing your business but at the same time you want to save some bucks, so you hire an “up and coming” advertisement agency, you tell them what you want and they ask who you’re competition is, you reply “well So and So’s company is kind of the person to beat”, next day they run some newspaper ads saying, “hire us we’re the best around, we won’t leave you with any leaks, unlike So and So company”. And so, as you read this newspaper article your phone rings and it’s Mr. So and So on the other line yelling at you about how he will sue your company and how you will regreat this.

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