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Get the Right Insurance for Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you need an insurance policy that provides the best coverage to give you peace of mind that your business is protected.

Top Reasons Why General Contractors Get Sued

You’ve got holes in your pockets! Learn how to keep your money and save your business from a lawsuit.

How do I get a Bid Bond?

Part 1 of our educational series on Bid Bonds (5 min).

Why You Won't Qualify for Surety Bonds

Survive the prequalification process and secure a surety bond for your next job.

5 Ways Plumbers Lose Money

Do you have a leaky business? Find out where your plumbing business is losing money?

Get Hired

The Real Reasons Why General Contractors Get Hired.

More Work Than You Can Handle

How small business contractors get booked solid.

5 Injuries that Will Most Likely Happen

Find out the top 5 construction injuries and how to prevent them before they happen.

How To Get Vacant Building Insurance

Insurance companies usually give a limit for vacant building insurance coverage of 30 days from the date of vacancy.

Welcome to Farmer Brown Insurance

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Most Popular Insurances

Vacant Building Insurance

At FarmerBrown.com, we are committed to evaluating your buildings and helping you choose the best insurance coverage. If you own vacant buildings such as an office, apartment building or single family homes, we have developed the package just for you.

General Contractors Insurance

General Contractors insurance is all about protecting you and your business from financial loss. If you are held responsible for causing damage or injury to someone during or after the work is complete, you will have to pay for charges to cover all damages.

Roofing Contractors Insurance

Roofing occupation is one fraught with risks, especially considering the circumstances under which roofers usually have to work. This is why it is essential for those in the roofing business to carry an insurance policy that will help safeguard them against risks.

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